Monthly Archive: January 2015

Five terrific preschool craft ideas

When kids are about three or four, they’re just beginning to develop their hand-eye coordination. You can provide them with something to do with those busy little fingers, as well as helping them use their imagination in creative ways, with some fascinating preschool craft ideas. Here are just five to get you started. Each of these easy and fun preschool craft ideas can be modified with variations, enough to keep the most inquisitive child busy with craft projects for months on end. Encourage the kids to offer their own suggestions on variations. You’ll be surprised at the many ideas they’ll come up with on their own.

1.Mittens decorated with face fingers: Take an ordinary pair of mittens, several different colored squares of felt, some markers and bits of yarn. Before you bring the project to the kids, cut out lots of little oval shaped felt pieces for the ‘finger faces’. Using child-safe glue, let the kids glue one oval to each finger. With markers, they can draw eyes and mouths on each finger, then glue bits of yarn on for hair.
2.Found object collages: This preschool craft idea is always a winner, with plenty of variations and no set formula or materials. Use heavy construction paper or hardboard and glue. Collect your materials from the backyard, on walks in the park or a trip to the beach. Leaves, pine cones, sand, sand dollars, flowers and pebbles work well. Let the kids apply glue to a small section of the paper and arrange them in any way that pleases them. When their collage is complete, let them paint the entire picture with clear acrylic from the crafts store. This seals and protects any greenery or flowers from oxidation. The colors stay fresh for many years!
3.Decorated treasure boxes: Buy plain, lidded, balsa wood boxes from the crafts store, along with a set of acrylic crafts paint and brushes. Spread out newspaper and let the kids go to town with their ideas for their own treasure box. When dry, coat with a clear acrylic finish.
4.Binoculars: All you need for this project is two empty toilet paper cards, some clear tape and markers. Tape the two rolls together. The kids then draw their designs and voila! Binoculars. This keeps them occupied for hours, looking at everything from this new perspective.
5.Cellophane sun catchers: Gather cellophane, in a variety of colors, some construction paper and school glue. The cellophane can be cut in any shape, but circles, squares and triangles are easiest to work. Cut two pieces of construction paper in a shape to frame each piece of cellophane. Apply glue to each piece of paper, lay the cellophane on top of one and set the second piece on top of the cellophane. You can string these together with yarn and hang in the windows.

Your kids will love doing these projects! These preschool craft ideas will produce budding young artists by the time they go to school.