More Word Games

I work at home on my computer, and that means I can set my own hours. I usually start after I have walked my daughter to school, and have had some time to have a few cups of coffee. I usually take a bit to look through some news sites online to see what is going on in the world before I get going. Most have rituals like this in the morning, even if they work in an office rather than from home like I do. One thing that I do before I really dive into work is to play some word games. I find that these seem to get my mind moving when I don’t have a lot of motivation to get cracking.

I think of word games as a warm up, much like when you stretch before exercising. It seems to get my mind moving on days when I don’t want to do much more than sit around and watch television. As we all know, that really doesn’t pay the bills. These word games have been a great way for me to shake the cobwebs and get my mind where it needs to be.

If you don’t like word games, you can always play some that have to do with math and/or numbers. These probably work in the very same way. I’m not a numbers person, as I prefer to work with words, but I know many are the opposite of me. Playing a few short rounds of something to do with numbers that makes you think will have the same affect as the word games have for me. Not only can they get you thinking, they can help keep your mind sharp day after day. As we age, we all worry about that.

Work games can also be a great way for children to learn. My daughter recently told me that she isn’t learning anything in kindergarten, they just play all day. What she doesn’t realize is that she is learning, but she doesn’t know it because everything is fun for her. She is learning, and I can tell, and she’s learning quite a bit. She just has no idea that this is what is going on. As her reading and letter skills get better, I am going to find word games that she can play. I hope they have the same benefit for her that they seem to have for me.